Fine Furniture and Woodwork Refinishing:

We offer a complete and comprehensive refinishing service. Our proprietary stripping service will NOT raise the grain, and will have ABSOLUTELY NO effect on good glue joints or veneer. We walk you through the process making it much easier on our clients, being able to know exactly what we are doing for you and your furniture. For example; while choosing your stain or paint color, we actually place the stain on your piece (in small area, then its taken off immediately) to see if you like it or not. For more information, or answers to your questions call us  978-567-8700

(Picture below is Before/After of Bookcase with glass framed doors)

Fine Furniture and Antique Restorations:

These can be done at many levels depending on the condition of the piece.  Scratch removal* or touch-up,  to making replacement parts which only Specialty Furniture can offer.  Some of our restoration services are available to be completed In-Home or at our shop location.  Ask Jason for more details on In-Home restorative services. Varying from minor scratch touch ­up*, water ring and heat stain removal*, deep restorative cleaning and polishing. .  In any case, it makes the most sense to review the clients needs and expectations before offering any professional opinion. Questions?  Talk to a representative today about these certain services. Call us today, 978-567-8700

*Scratches, water and heat rings/stains are not guaranteed to completely disappear, results may vary. 


Furniture Repairs:

Our repair techniques are of ” Expert Craftsman Quality” many times employing hand tools of the “period” vs modern machinery. From making a new spindle, or patching scratches and gouges, to re-gluing a chairs joints, and so much more. For more information on Furniture Repair service, call  978-567-8700


Furniture and Woodwork Stripping:

Are you more of a DIY type of person? Your in luck! We offer a STRIP ONLY service for those who would like to refinish their own furniture, without the drudgery of stripping it themselves. We are capable of stripping wood and metal furniture.

*full paint removal cannot be guaranteed.*

 Veneering and Re-veneering:

This is one of our “Specialties”, we use “Vacuum Press Technology” which assures a complete and uniform bond. We stock a broad range of veneers , and have samples of others that can be ordered. Whether it’s the top of a nightstand or an entire dining room table, Specialty Furniture can accommodate your request.

Pick-up And Delivery Service:

We offer local and long distance pick-up and delivery of your furniture, which many of our customers opt to use instead of lugging the furniture to and from our Hudson shop. *
(*cost depends on time, distance and labor involved)